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The head office

The complete administration of all the Schönborn’s businesses has its office in the parent castle in Wiesentheid. Here the processing, handling and accounting of all the purchases, sales and/or orders take place. During the office hours, you have the possibility to purchase wines from our wine estates in Franken, the Rheingau and Portugal.
The music collection of Rudolf Franz Erwein Graf von Schönborn is also situated in the premises of the castle. However, you only have the possibility to visit this archive upon prior written letter of inquiry.


Sphere of business Contactperson E-Mail
Head office Mr. Kiesel »» E-Mail
Wine estate Franconia Mr. Hünnerkopf »» E-Mail
Wine estate Rheingau Mr. Röll »» E-Mail
Wine estate Portugal Germany »» E-Mail
Wine estate Portugal Portugal »» E-Mail
Sales and distribution Count of Schönborn »» E-Mail
Schloss Weissenstein Mrs. Wernsdörfer »» E-Mail
Art collections Mrs. Feldmann »» E-Mail
Agriculture/estate Gaibach Mr. Warmuth »» E-Mail
Agriculture/estate Ettleben Mr. Klein »» E-Mail
Forestry Mr. Belz »» E-Mail
Sawmill Mr. Räth »» E-Mail
Cultivation of ponds Mr. Kiesel »» E-Mail

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